Oils and Fluids: We use Original Equipment (OE) fluids or better.

Synthetic vs. Standard oils: Lots of opinions fly about here.  What manufacturers agree on is that synthetics are better than mineral oils but they can’t agree on which flavors!  After 2011 most manufacturers specify synthetic oils for their cars because it increased efficiency, extends periods between oil changes, and modern engine designs and metallurgy demand a product with greater stability at all temperatures.

Mobil 1  

In the US, Mobil 1 has been thought of as the best synthetic for decades.  However, they lost a court case defending their standard for the definition of “synthetic” in the US and have lowered the grade of the base oils they use. Asian and European companies have almost entirely dropped Mobil 1 as a recommended oil.

Vehicle-specific oils    

Toyota oils are made by Exxon Mobil to Toyota’s specifications. We use Toyota brand as our mineral based 5w20, 5w30 grade oil, as well as our synthetic 0w20. Other Asian car makers use/sell Eneos and Idemitsu synthetic oils.  We use Eneos Sythetic 5w30 (Which uses base VI oils –higher temperature stability and greater longevity) and Mobile 1 5w30 and 5w20 (Which uses lower grade base oils than Eneos).